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Item List

Hole #11

Rule #8

Please respect other players and the course. Replace all divots and repair ball marks.

Contest Holes

Rule #1

Play is best ball scramble for all teams. Teams choose their best and all players drop a ball to that spot. The shot was be taken within one club length—no closer to the hole. The lie may not be improved, (i.e. from the rough to the fairway).

Hole #2

Rule #2

A & B flights are for men, MX are for mixed teams, and L flights are for women teams. A & B flights are determined by last years scores.

Hole #7

Rule #3

Men and women will compete separately on Longest drive and Closest to the Pin. They will compete together on Straight Shooter and Longest Drive. Prizes will be awarded to each at dinner.

Hole #10

Rule #4

All men will tee from the blue / white tees. Women will tee from a tee of their choice. Seniors (65 and older) may play from the senior tee.

Hole #18

Rule #5

All putts must be putted out ( no ‘gimme’ putts).

Vegas Holes

Rule #6

All ties are decided by #1 handicapped hole and so on.

Hole #6

Rule #7

All USGA rules apply regarding penalties, etc.

Hole #17

Rule #9

90 degree rule in effect, please observe.

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