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The Burger Program

"Burger School for Students with Autism is committed to maximizing the potential of each student to gain independence and self-fulfillment. Through a collaborative effort we will work in partnership with students, each other, parents, community, and local school districts to assure each student has the opportunity to become a happy, healthy, productive and contributing member of society."

The Burger Program is a center-based school for Western-Wayne County students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. The program operates in two separate buildings. At Burger Baylor, students range in age from K-12th grade. Burger Transition Center services our post secondary students 18-26y/o.

Director of Special Services: Susan Smitt

Director of Burger Program: Dena Jayson

Associate Director: Lynn Sossi (Transition Center)

Associate Director: Bryan Rock (Baylor)

For more information regarding the Burger Program visit their website below!

Burger Baylor

Burger Transition Center

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